10 Advantages Reading Children’s Book

10 Advantages Reading Children’s Book

Every parent shares a common concept of having brilliant kids. To help them, guardians bring up their kids by giving nutritious foods with proteins, vitamins, DHA, iodine etc, buy them toys like building blocks, drawing materials, puzzles, etc, is this enough. Guardians have to share their time with their kids playing with them and learning with them. Before taking them to school we have to learn them. How? There are plenty of kid’s books available in our nearby book shop; we have to purchase some of them then find time to read it for the kids make them love to know about illustrations. Convert it into excitement for them, make them feel something superb is about to happen.

ONE. By doing this you are expressing your love for your kids thus they feel free to interact with you thus building a featherweight bond that will be strong like a bridge, feeling so happy to have you with them they share all the thoughts with you on the way you read the books for them.

TWO. Our talent to handle them in such a way that they love you do reading books for them slowly ignite the kid’s talent to grasp the words its pronunciation and the subject they are hearing about. This helps the kids in future when they reach their preschool they start loving books and colours.

THREE. Kids when they get interested in hearing stories with illustrations they try to recall the picture and try to talk about the previous stories they heard, thus sharing their experience to their friends or siblings. That would be a nice scene to see in a parent’s life how the kids learn to talk about what they learnt from them.

FOUR. Within a few days, the kids learn to imitate their guardians that too, a good sign that they understood that how to read books. They will make their pointed finger run through the words from one side of the book to the line end, after that turning pages and looking into next illustrations they recollect the path of the story and do copy cat guardians as if reading or explaining.

FIVE. Slowly and steadily guardians will be happy to see that their kids are gaining strength to talk, express their feeling as if the characters in the stories they heard. They copy their moral persons in their stories, thus become their character. This is a turning point in their communication skill.

SIX. Alphabet learning will become easier with illustrations they find in learning books. As the teacher try to explain it they feel familiar with letters and words.

SEVEN. Illustrations based reading books help a lot in logical thinking in a child’s life. They will relate the stories and characters they heard with real life and try to appreciate it by adopting the attitude towards the real world thus come with a good judging skill.

EIGHT. With all these experience they enter schooling with curiosity to learn more. They expect is fun in learning not boring. Every time they take a book on hand what matters is enthusiasm.

NINE. In the beginning, every parent has noted the child distracted with newer things, but gradually those habits dissolve while the book becomes excitement through illustrations. Concentrating on the stories read they develop a strong mind and better memory also very good discipline.

TEN. Nowadays we find Kids choose video games and watching television for spending their leisure time. If they would have been taught that reading books are knowledge and knowledge is fun, they grow as responsible citizens. Books have the power to create a human being of excellence.

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