Children’s Writers: Marketing Plan

Children’s Writers: Marketing Plan

One of the activities that writers take on when they decide to self publish is marketing their book.  And you need to have that marketing plan ready, as early in the writing process as is possible. Or else you are likely to end up with a room full of books and no idea how to sell them.

Challenge of Marketing for Writers

Writers are often intimidated by the idea of marketing their books. To spend a large chunk of your time in the solitary pegging away at the words and then to have to get into the limelight to call attention to your work! It is too abrupt a turnaround for many writers to handle.

But think of it as an extension of the communication process that began with writing the book. Only in this case, you identify your readers and reach out to them directly. And that is exactly what marketing of your self-published book involves.

Start your Marketing as you Write the Book

Self-publishers have the best chance of success if they have a marketing plan that runs parallel to the writing process.  Find your target audience and begin building on it. Have the readers in the loop before your book hits the market. Social media is an excellent resource to use for this purpose.

Getting the Word Out

For self-publishers, one of the most reliable forms of marketing the book is generating book reviews. A review being editorial write-up is likely to appeal to readers, much more than advertising or promotional copy.

There are other creative ways to put the spotlight on the book, online and offline. Blogs, tweets, book signings, articles for online and offline periodicals. Don’t hesitate to use every resource available to create a buzz around your book. If you have a budget, pay for some of the marketing activities which are likely to get readers interested in your book – buying ad space on high traffic blogs, entering your book in competitions, paid press releases.

In the Long Run

If you want your book to go far, keep two things in mind. Focus on the long run and figure out ways to keep the buzz about your book, even after the excitement of the launch has wound down.  And  remember that nothing succeeds like a great product. So write the best book you can. If readers love your book, it will go far on word of mouth publicity and that’s something money can’t buy.

So good luck with your book and here’s to the success that your book deserves.

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