Corporate Christmas Cards: The Beginning

Corporate Christmas Cards: The Beginning

Christmas is one event that is celebrated around the world in different ways. The celebration differs depending on the custom and traditions at different places. At some places there will be religious ceremonies. Every county in the world has their own way of celebrating Christmas.

Purchasing gifts and cards for close friends, relatives, and distant acquaintances is a very popular scene you will come across during Christmas. The stores all around the world will be full of Christmas presents and cards waiting to be bought. You can get thousands of well made and designed ready made cards from stores or you can also send e-cards. Customized cards are also available today. Greeting cards are a very important element of Christmas. The wishes written in the card can be customized so that you can personalize it. You can change the wish on the card and send it year after year.

Sending wishes for Christmas is not only confined to homes. Business organizations and corporate companies send cards to their employees and clients to wish them on Christmas. These cards are sent to the employees and clients to develop a warm and friendly relationship with them. It creates goodwill and a positive attitude in the clients and employees towards the company. It helps to retain the brand awareness and reinforce social ties. These cards are not used to sell products or promote the image of the company nor do any kind of business.

Corporate Christmas cards started its journey from the early years of 1800. The credit for inventing corporate Christmas card is given to Sir Henry Cole. Henry, a citizen of England, was the founder and director of Victoria and Albert Museum in London. It is considered as the world’s largest museum with plenty of art and decorative designs. Every year Henry used to write Christmas messages to all his friends and business acquaintances. In the year 1842 he found it difficult to carry on with this and called on a designer named John Callcott Horsley to assist him. It is John Callcott Horsley who designed the first Christmas card.

The commercial printing of Christmas cards began in the year 1873.  It was Louis Prang, a native of Germany who started printing cards for selling in England. The very next year Christmas cards began its true commercial journey in America. The cards had images of flowers and fairies that represented spring and a few illustrations.

The greeting card send by consumers will have pictures of family members, especially young children. Along with the Christmas can a letter is also included which tells about the events in the past year and some interesting things. Charitable organizations also send cards to the people and organizations that have helped them to raise funds.

Nowadays business originations, big and small, send Christmas cards to thank their customers for staying with them for a long period of time. The cards help to build a good relationship and convey pleasant wishes that will serve to strengthen the of business partnership. The Christmas cards used by corporate companies and business organizations covey a beautiful message to their employees and clients that they are special.

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