How to be a Successful Illustrator in Today’s World

How to be a Successful Illustrator in Today’s World

The field of illustration is very competitive and it is difficult to get noticed in the crowd of illustrators that are available in the market.  There are many contenders for a single job and only the most talented illustrator will be successful in getting the job.  But with a few tips you can definitely get that job which you always wanted to get.

Tip #1:  Do not follow trends

During the process of designing, illustrators come across many trends that they get used to during the process of work.  It is important to note that the illustrator should altogether avoid trends.  If you want to stand out among the crowd and your work to get noticed among the myriads of other illustrators like you, your work should be unique.  If you follow the routine trends like what others do, you will be lost like them and will have nothing new to offer to your prospective clients.  So, what do you do in a situation like this? Nothing tough but start setting trends of your own.  In this way your work will appear to be extraordinary and rise above the average illustrators who follow the current trends.  Always be original in your work and stay relevant.

Tip #2:  Promote yourself on websites and blogs

In today’s technological age there is no individual or corporate body that will be successful without a blog or a website.

Your website should be simple and not complicated, so that your clients and viewers can navigate through the site easily.  It should not be flashy and should present your work and showcase your talent in a simple way. You cannot be successful in your career just by working locally; in order to have global access a website is vital for you.   You can hook up to social network sites and get in contact with other professionals and also clients who can hire your services.

Tip #3:  Ascertain your target audience

When you begin your career as an illustrator and before you begin working on a project, you should sit down and think about where your work is going to be used.  You can identify certain factors such as your own unique art, the style that you are using, the context and colours that you use and for whom you are writing. This will help you in identifying your target audience.

Tip #4:  Don’t be repetitive in your work

Following your own distinctive style is good but if you follow the same style every time it’s going to sound monotonous.  Observe how much demand is there for your work of a particular style and follow that particular approach.  By doing this you will be able to organize your work in a better way, causing less confusion and you will be able to market yourself in a better way.

Tip #5:  The intelligent use of colour

No matter how good your designs are and how you market yourself, the most important characteristic of your art is the colour.  The colour of the designs will make a whole lot of difference to your illustrations.  You should choose colours according to your client’s specifications and according to your individual preference and style.  You should not use very bright colours but try to maintain a balance between colour and contrast.

Tip #6:  Set your target

If you want to be a successful illustrator, you need to have a set goal and head for it.  Try to question yourself as to why you are doing the present work and why you are following a particular style of work.  If you want to increase your client base or dream of getting a particular client you should really work on your goals and work towards it.  Setting a target will help you to be steady in your work and also improve the quality of your work.  It will also act as an incentive to achieve a better quality of work.  If you are truly interested in your work and desire to earn a name for yourself and stand out among the crowd, you should work towards your goal.

Tip #7:  Develop your own brand image

A big way to promote your work in the market is creating your own brand image; it’s a great method of getting noticed on the internet too.  If you develop a good brand image your clients can trust you easily and, in this way, you will end up gaining more contracts.   A brand image that is reputable can talk tons about you and put you ahead of your competitors, you can attract larger clients.  You should always make sure that your work is consistent and you reach your targets on time.

Tip #8:  Be professional in your attitude

If you are seriously interested in being successful then you should be professional in your approach towards this industry.  Maintaining your image in this competitive field can make you stand apart from amateurs in the industry.  Always remain professional in your attitude towards your work and towards your clients.  A small slip can damage your reputation forever and put off the client.  The client will hire an illustrator who is professional and who exudes confidence and who has good knowledge rather than someone who has none of these.  Present your work professionally to the clients rather than doing it carelessly. A well-satisfied client who has the feeling that his work is handled by capable hands can go a long way in establishing a lifelong relationship with you and will also recommend others to hire you.

Tip #9:  Be innovative and optimistic and open in your attitude 

Always be positive in your attitude towards your work and shun negative attitudes.  Be innovative in your approach towards your work and avoid following others.  It is always best to go with your own feelings and follow your own style; this can help you greatly in steadily maintaining your own style. Always make it a point to be open to new ideals and new approaches in working style.  You can always experiment with your work and choose the style that is best suited to you.  Be an expert in your industry and always the success will be yours!

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