How to make Book Cover Design more Attractive

How to make Book Cover Design more Attractive

To make a Book Cover design more attractive, there are several measures which an illustrator makes sure of when working on it.

10+ Factors which a Book Cover Designer make sure of

 Factor #1:  Make a Good Cover Design to Attract Viewers

Like good wrapping or like an advertisement, the cover design of a book has to captivate the reader as soon as one looks at it. No matter how much distance the viewer views it from it, should strike him or her at the first instance and move him to buy the book.  Expert graphic designers use solid typographical methods to construct info graphics, illustrations and page designs. 

Factor #2:  Visual Display of Colour and Artistic Genius

As the internet will be the base for your primary marketing, you might ponder the usage of info graphics throughout the book.  This could be used also on your official website and also on social networking sites like Facebook. Displaying complicated concepts in a visually exciting manner with a wide variety of colours helps the customer to grasp the message immediately. This is the beginning of a new journey for marketing the book.  A good graphic designer can create attractive designs and patterns to make the book look more attractive. 

Factor #3:  Scrutinizing the Book by the Cover

One should never judge what’s inside just by looking at its outward appearance, that is what is said.  Do not judge the book by its cover – but the marketing strategy works just the opposite.  The very first glance at a book decides whether the customer will even pick it up to have a peek. This is the most important aspect that publishers tend to neglect. If the cover design isn’t attractive then don’t expect your customer to have a peek inside. 

Factor #4:  Make the Cover Design look Professional

The first thing that people will look at is the cover of the book, so you should doubly make sure it's professional in its appearance.  Just consider in your mind what will really appeal to the customers and what type of images will attract the customer’s attention. Always be artistic and original; always consider the likes and dislikes of your customers. 

Factor #5:  Use the Proper Tools to Create Eye Captivating designs

If you are not a great graphic designer, no worries, you can create the same magic with appropriate and intelligent use of tools.  So, take your time in choosing the right tools since the most striking part and significant part of a book is its cover.  Select a good image and the work is nearly half done.  You can use Adobe Illustrator or Adobe Photoshop for the creation of good graphics and manipulating images to enhance its look.

Factor #6: Make your Title look Large and Bold!

A large and bold title makes it easy for the viewer to recognise the book.  The title of the book and the author’s name should be in big bold letters.  The font, position and spacing of the text should integrate with the image well.  Make sure always that the cover design typography is standardized according to the prevailing market trends.

Factor #7:  Find the Right Images for your Cover Design

If you possess a wonderful photo that you think will fit in with the cover design, go ahead and use it.  Programs like Adobe Photoshop will be very useful and are mostly used by professionals. There are also cheaper alternatives available on the market like PhotoShop Express, SplashUp or SnipShot.

Factor #8:  Make use of the Internet

If you do not have the right image for your cover design, you can always rely on the internet to provide you with some great photos.  Of course, you will need to pay for some, while others are free of cost. But before you use any image, you should check whether it is copyrighted or not.  If you like any image, you will need to negotiate a deal with the owner.  When you purchase an image, you should make sure that it's 300 dpi as it is the standard resolution that is used all over the world.

Factor #9: Do not be Overly Obsessed with the Front Cover Design alone!

Always remember that you not only have the front cover to design but the spine and back cover too. Make sure that all three integrate well together and think about how these are going to fit together.  You should also plan about how you are going to incorporate the blurb on the back cover too.

If you are thinking of having one big image that goes all the way to the back or whole cover then make sure that the images are bigger.  One can always go in for a reduction in quality and size but this will tell on the quality of the graphic image that you are using. Increasing the size of the image also undermines its quality.  All this will result in blurry images or a stretched look and looks very unprofessional.

Factor #10: Write a Catchy Blurb to Summarize the Entire Book!

A blurb is typically found on the back cover and it illustrates a brief description of the book. Blurb is very important as it convinces the reader to purchase the book.  Before you write a blurb, you should have a thorough knowledge about what it includes.

The blurb should contain a few brief paragraphs and should make the book look interesting to the reader. The primary object of the blurb is to induce the reader into reading the book. It should only display the key part of the book and not give it away entirely. 

Factor #11:  Do not Clutter you Cover Design

The cover design should be simple and prominent, it should stay focused.  Never ever make the mistake of including all the characters or themes of the book on its cover, as the book contains all these.  Your only goal is to encourage the reader into buying your book.  Don’t give away the climax at the beginning itself! Of equal importance is the imagery. Do not try to relate the story with the cover design.  The cover design should be done in such a way as to generate interest in potential readers and encourage them to want to know more.

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