Tips to Successfully Produce a Colour Illustration Picture Book for Children

Tips to Successfully Produce a Colour Illustration Picture Book for Children

Picture books are the first books that children will read, so it is your responsibility to make it the best experience for them.  Colourful picture books are not only a fun way to learn, but they also play a significant role in the intellectual development of a child.  When books are read to children and when they look at the colourful pictures it develops their language comprehending skills and also enhances their listening skills.  Children also learn how to hold the book and turn the pages; they also grasp that symbols and pictures in the book have some definite meaning.  Picture books are loved by not only younger children but by all readers.  Most beautiful colour illustrations are a real treat to the eyes of the beholder.

How to produce a Good Quality Picture Book

There is a big criterion if you choose to produce a good children illustration book.  You should make the right illustration book for the appropriate child in a particular age group.  The books should contain not only colourful images but should also contain high literary quality that children will love to behold.  If you run out of ideas you could consult parents or teachers who will be able to help you choose new concepts and themes.  In this way your illustration books will not only be beautiful but innovative too!

The illustrations in your picture book should stay true to the plot.  It should be true to the setting, characters and be aesthetically pleasing.  The images should be supportive of the text.  There should be a proper balance between pictures and text that you place in your illustrative book.  If you are going to place less text in the book then you should convey more through pictures.  A picture book illustrator uses visual components such as colour, contour, shape and texture to bring delight to the child.  There are thousands of different ways to express your talent and skill through colourful designs in the illustration book.  These elements in the book really teach children to appreciate aesthetic values in the books.

Composing and illustrating a children book illustration is an art form of a unique nature.  If you want to employ unique ideas, styles and techniques in children’s illustration books you should have a good knowledge about art and knowledge in designing and composing children’s illustration books.

The images that you use in your illustration books should not be typecast.  There should be no images that are repetitive in illustration books as this will make the illustration book sound monotonous.  The length of the text and the quantity of text that a page should contain should be suitable for the child’s age.  The children’s illustration book should contain a few words which can convey the story; proper punctuation should be used along with a good storyline.  Books with too many words and difficult words could make it tough for the child to comprehend the contents of the book.  If you put more text in the books it may be suitable for older children.

As the child grows older, they tend to read a lot and you can place more text in picture books.  There is a tendency among children to think that picture books are meant only for younger children.  If you can comprehend how pictures make the books more interesting to the children who use them, they will help you to create better quality books.

Types of illustration books that you can create

Type #1:  Picture books for babies

Picture books can be manufactured for children under the age group of 2.  These books should be strongly bound as they are used by babies. The materials used for these kinds of books are mostly cardboard, plastic or vinyl etc. These books contain very little text and mostly colour illustrations.  The purpose of these books is centered on helping to improve vocabulary and familiar objects.

Books that are Interactive

Type #2:  Interactive books

Interactive books keep the children engrossed and entertained; these books are for children aged 2-6 years.  Books can contain action songs, rhyme and movement or clapping.  Producing these types of books can be really challenging, you can express your talent through colourful images that will contribute to the beauty of the book.

Type #3:  All picture book

In these types of books, there is not a single word but more pictures.  Children learn to understand the story through images and it encourages them to use their imagination.  These types of books can be used by primary teachers or kindergarten teachers.  Beautiful pictures and colour can create a deep impression on the child’s mind.

Type #4:  Illustration books with alphabets

Books with letters have a vast range of readers; letters are presented one at a time and have various themes like fish, animals, plant life or different types of foods.  There are also pictures that begin with the sound of a letter.  These books are meant for kindergartners or beginners.  Even old children might enjoy them if they are of high quality.  These kinds of books help in expanding vocabulary and improve phonetics in a child.

Type #5:  Books that help children learn to count

These books introduce numerals to the child and help the child learn counting easily. These books contain simple mathematics like addition, subtraction or multiplications.  By placing beautiful pictures in a thematic way, it enables the child to learn how to count.  The figures should be clear and easily identifiable by the children.  The numerals should be clear and should be readable by younger children too.

Type #6:  Rhyming books

Books containing nursery rhymes are an all-time favorite for the children.  Traditional rhymes have been taught to children of every generation and each rhyme tells the story of its own.  They have a simple and understandable storyline which can easily be understood by the children.   Most of these rhymes help the child to face their fears and overcome them.  It helps them overcome fears such as getting in danger of losing objects etc.  Stories like Cinderella and snow white have delighted the children of all ages for generations.

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