Types of Views in Technical Drawing

Types of Views in Technical Drawing

Technical drawings are required for conveying accurate details regarding the design and construction of items and systems. Multiple views are used in technical drawing to show an object or a system from numerous angles and viewpoints, providing comprehensive information for production, building, or repair. The following are the most prevalent types of views in technical drawing, with explanations for each.

Orthographic View:

The most common type of view in technical drawing is orthographic projection, often known as multiview projection. It displays a three-dimensional object by projecting its features onto two-dimensional surfaces. There are usually three main orthographic views:

Front View (Elevation): This view depicts the object as seen from the front. It gives details about the object's height and width.

Top View (Plan View): The top view (plan view) depicts the object as seen from immediately above. It offers information about the length and width of the object.

Right Side View (Profile View): The object can be seen from the right side in this view. It conveys information about the height and length of the object. If desired, additional side views, such as left side views, can be included.

Orthographic projection is especially beneficial for correctly portraying mechanical elements and architectural structures.

Isometric View:

An isometric projection is a three-dimensional perspective that uses a single view to represent an object. It keeps the object's proportions while removing the depth perspective. Isometric drawings are made by projecting lines at equal angles from each axis, resulting in a view that includes all three dimensions. Isometric views are useful for depicting items that are cubic or blocky in shape. They provide a realistic image while eliminating the complications of perspective drawing.

Perspective View:

Perspective views are used to represent objects in a more natural and realistic way. Unlike orthographic projection, perspective views take into account foreshortening and line convergence due to distance. Depending on the number of vanishing points utilised, there are three sorts of perspective views: one-point, two-point, and three-point. Perspective views are frequently used to provide a sense of depth and realism in architectural renderings, product design, and artistic illustrations.

Sectional View:

Sectional views can be used when an object is too complicated to be accurately represented in a single view. Sectional views expose an object's internal details by cutting across it. Sectional views are commonly divided into three types: whole sections, half sections, and offset sections. Sectional views are essential for showing the inner workings of mechanical components, pipes, and architectural elements such as walls or beams.

Auxiliary View:

Auxiliary views are extra views that offer an alternative viewpoint on a particular area of an object. They are frequently employed when the major views (orthographic or isometric) do not offer enough details to precisely identify a feature. The actual appearance of a sloped surface is one of the auxiliary perspectives that are projected from an inclined surface. These perspectives are essential for effectively depicting features like chamfers, fillets, and inclined surfaces.

Detail View:

Detail views enlarge a particular portion of an object to show it in greater detail. They are enclosed by a circle or other shape, and an outer line that points to the region of interest will typically visible. When certain characteristics or dimensions need to be emphasised but cannot be adequately shown in the major views, detail views are used.

Exploded View:

Exploded views are used to show how complicated systems or items are put together and broken apart. Individual parts are separated and given more room in an exploded perspective, which makes it simpler to see how they fit together.

In technical drawings, each type of views has a distinct function that helps engineers, architects, and designers efficiently convey complicated information. Multiple views may be combined to offer a thorough depiction, depending on the object's complexity and the level of information desired.


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