Our Clients Case Studies

SNG Barratt – The largest independent specialist in the World for Jaguar parts and accessories.We have to date created over 10,000 detailed Technical illustrations for SNG Barratt Jaguar parts manuals and continue to cater for their graphical and technical illustrations requirements.

Coordination Group Publications - UK’s most popular educational publisher, with over 800 products. We have worked with CGP on illustrations for a large number their publications and to date have created over 1,000 educational illustrations for them.

Quad Graphics - One of the biggest US based educational publishing company. We worked with Quad Graphics to created over 200 illustrations for their various educational publications.

Kids Mondo – Lebanon’s largest Educational theme park. We created the 4 Theme park Mascot Characters from concept through to creation. Using these 4 Mascots, we created 400 Illustrations and 5 short animations.

Tales 4 All - An independent publishing house based in the North-West of England. We are constantly working with Tales 4 All on illustrations for their Treebobs series of books

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