Our Illustration Process

Please go through the following Step by Step Procedure of our Illustration Services:

1. Characters Details

All Character specifications to be illustrated should be provided from the clients end (reference characters, age, animal / human, cartoon or realistic etc)

2. Characters creation

Based on details provided by the client for character creation, we will illustrate and send 2 -3 pencil sketches of the characters. Unlimited options will be provided until the client is satisfied with the characters.

3. Illustration Details

On approval of the character, detailed description of each illustration should be sent to us from the clients end with required scenes (story, reference illustration if any, back ground details etc)

4. Illustration Creations

The creation of required Illustration will be based on the detail description provided by the client. 1 to 2 pencil sketches of the illustration will be sent for approval. We will provide unlimited options until you obtain what you are looking for.

5. Illustration Colouring

Once the pencil sketches are approved we will start with the coloring of the illustration. At this particular stage of the illustration only minute alterations like changing of color, changing of expression etc will be allowed. (Any major changes at this stage will be charged additional)

6. Illustration Formats

Lastly, when the final illustration is approved we will send the approved illustration in JPG & PDF format. On request any other format you require will be provided.

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