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Why Acrylic Paint is Preferred over Others?

Watercolours and oil paints have marked its presence way back. But acrylic paint is quite new and extremely popular all over the world. The versatility it offers and the quick drying feature has made acrylic paints favourite to professional artists.

Since acrylic painting is on demand, Maa Illustrations has come up with the best acrylic painting service for you. We are a creative firm based in UK and India specialised and experienced in various kinds of illustration services. Our service offers the best painting application technology suited for enhancing the appearance of the painting. We concentrate on both the aesthetic and commercial value of your project. You can get the best and affordable acrylic painting service from Maa Illustrations.

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Where can you use Acrylic Paint?

There are various kinds of paints available today. You can buy paints for painting fabrics that are washable and durable. Similarly, acrylic paints were not just developed to paint on the canvas alone. It can be used on a variety of surfaces such as canvas, wood, plaster, cement, wax candles, fabric, paper, etc. You can brighten up your kitchen with acrylic paints. The bright and attractive colours can make an ordinary place look like an elegant extravaganza. The durability feature ensures that the paint will stay undamaged for a long time.

Features of Acrylic Paint

  • Fully opaque when undiluted. You can paint any colour on top of the other. This makes it easy to add further details to a picture and correct mistakes.
  • Dries very quickly.
  • It is a water-based paint. You can clean the acrylic brushes with water before the paint dries. So there is no need to buy expensive toxic fluids for cleaning. Once dried, its completely waterproof.
  • Unlike oil paints, it become very flat after drying.
  • After drying, the paint gets slightly darker.
  • It gives a smooth and shiny finish.

Benefits of Acrylic Paint

Acrylic paints are made from acrylic polymer emulsion. It dries faster compared to any other due to its pigment suspension property. Though acrylic paints can be diluted in water, they become completely water resistant once they are dried. This is a great advantage since the final image is well protected from getting damaged. Water colours tend to get lighter as they dry but acrylic paints are much darker and visible attractive. Acrylic paints can have close resemblance to watercolour and oil painting depending on the ratio of dilution (with water, gel, or paste) you use. But at the same they have their own unique characteristics which make it stand apart from other colouring mediums.

Want to Try a Hand in Acrylic Painting?

Get to know the acrylic paint better. There are many things that you should keep in mind while trying. They are available in tubes and jars. The acrylic paint in tube is much thicker which can be directly used from the tube or you can dilute it with water, whereas, the paint available in jar will have a flowing consistency so that you don’t have to dilute it. Different types of brushes (natural and synthetic) are used for painting. For acrylic paint, synthetic brushes are used since the chemicals in the paint can damage the natural brush hair. It is also easy to clean them up.

Outsource Acrylic Painting Illustrations to India

Today, acrylic paints are used for making cartoon illustrations, advertisements, and illustration for books. in UK, you can get cost-effective service in acrylic painting illustrations. Outsource your projects to Maa Illustrations in UK. Here, we have a team of professional artists with profound experience in making creative and high quality acrylic paintings. Our artists take care of each and every detail you insist on to include in your project. Our acrylic painting service is highly affordable.

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