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Why You Should Start Thinking About Having Colour Pencil Illustrations

The moment we see anything colourful we instantly connect with them. This reaction is so spontaneous and real. It cannot be said precisely whether this instant reaction is based on our liking or how the society has conditioned us to react to certain things. For example, when we go to a shop we may come across hundreds of products. But our attention turns instantly to products that are packaged neatly with colourful covering. Take the case of selecting a book. We are often attracted by the colourful cover pages of certain books. This is same in the case of paintings and illustrations.

In whichever medium you use, can easily gather a person’s attention to what you intend to communicate. This is why colour pencil illustration has become so much popular.

Why Choose Maa Illustrations

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Power Of Colours On Human Mind

Studies have shown that the link between human mind and colours is quite powerful. Colours can influence people in such a way that it can even shape the opinion and liking of people. Many companies experiment with colours on all the communication materials they use to influence customers. They have seen that the slightest variation in colour schemes or introducing a new colour results in financial benefits and rise in sales. There are many mediums which you can use for creating a good design or drawing. Among them colour pencil illustration is a very popular one today. The wide range of colours gives excellent opportunity for artists to show their creativity and variety by means of designs and illustrations. Maa Illustrations is one of the leading colour pencil illustrators in UK. We provide complete solution to all your illustration requirements. Whatever your requirements may be, our experienced and well trained illustrators will take care of it.

Advantages Of Using Colour Pencil For Illustration

It is not at all easy to use colours for your advantage. You need to be well aware of the recent colour trends and what the customer likes. Each colour represents one thing or the other. It communicates message to the intended audience; sometimes better than words. Colour pencils can give you immense freedom in using various kinds of colour schemes effectively. There are many advantages for using colour pencil for creating illustrations. Some of them are given below:

  • Colour pencil is quite easy to handle. It gives great control and blend. There is no need to use any solvent to mix the paint. It allows you to apply the colour immediately.
  • Colour pencils offer wide range of colours. You will never feel any shortage in choosing colours. The range of colours is such that it can be used to draw anything.
  • You can blend the colours to make new and exciting colours. You can make various layers with colour pencils.
  • Also it gives the freedom to make use of your creative ideas.
  • The thickness of the layer can be decided depending on your liking.
  • Since pencil colours are bright and bold they provide the illustrations an attractive and eye-catching look.
  • Pencil colours are long lasting and it ensures quality.
  • Compared to other colour mediums, pencil colours are cost-effective.

The talented illustrators at Maa Illustrations are experts in using the right colour schemes for communicating the right message to your target audience. The talented and experienced workforce in our firm knows the value of your money and time.

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