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Have the images and drawings in the science books fascinated you? It is difficult to draw those images because they require accurate and detailed depiction. Scientific illustration is used to accurately depict objects and concepts in science.

You can say that medical illustration is also a part of it. This also includes wildlife art. science illustration is used to for making illustrations for scientific textbooks, science magazines, three dimensional illustrations, and taxonomical illustrations.

There is one company that can create high quality and accurate illustrations on scientific facts. It’s Maa Illustrations. There are several reputed publishing firms, hospitals, research organisations, medical institutions, researchers, doctors, etc who work closely with our experienced and skilled illustrators.

Why Choose Maa Illustrations

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Not Less than a Piece of Art

Can art and science merge to form something beautiful? Illustrations are not less than a piece of art. The same effort that goes in making a painting is put in while creating illustrations. When an illustration is made it has to be beautifully done and should be of best quality. But in case of illustration of scientific facts, accuracy is very important.

Photograph Vs Scientific Illustration

If you like to prefer photograph over scientific illustration then there are a few things you should know. Photographs can present structures only with a single focal point. It is difficult to use photographs when a structure has more than one focal point. One more thing is that photographs can only present a clear picture of clean and unbroken structures. Photographs also lack focal depth. However, the specimens and structures used for scientific research and biological studies are broken, crushed or disoriented. Illustration can picture them accurately. It can depict every layer of the structure precisely. You might think a camera would have made these arts redundant, but often a keen eye is needed to pick out details and omit the irrelevant, making the image convey the essential attributes of the subject. Complex diagrams, cutaways and charts combine art with design, while a scientist's eye for detail and an artist's creative flair result in unique and fascinating works.

Want to Try Scientific Illustration?

Scientific Illustration is a career that requires skill in detailed realist drawing with a range of mediums. Scientific illustration requires highly accurate, realist drawing skills. Bear in mind, if you have some basic drawing skills, illustration courses should help you refine your drawing to the level required. Some illustrations may copy directly from specimens, but some may involve being able to use references and your imagination to create convincing images of abstract concepts, showing the passage of time, 3D cutaways and cross-sections, extinct species and microscopic organisms.

Scientific illustrator Looks differently at the World

Sometimes you need to look a little differently at the world - in this case, erasing the divide between art and science to forge a career as scientific illustrator. His role is to record and communicate nature and science with pencil or brush. Want to hire such an illustrator? Scientific illustration is a highly creative art. So you need someone like Maa Illustrations to help you. We are the most experience and prominent service provider who can provide you with what you want in scientific illustration. Not only that we offer various types of illustration services. Be it a sophisticated or highly detailed structure our illustrators can depict them with utmost precision.

Outsource Your Scientific Illustration to India

in UK, you can find many talented professional with huge experience in scientific illustration. They are highly qualified in preparing all kinds of illustration. Also the illustration services rendered in UK are highly cost-effective. Maa Illustrations is one of the leading illustration service companies in UK. You can get high quality and affordable service in scientific illustration from us.

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